London to Sherfield On Loddon

Taxi from London to Sherfield On Loddon

For your transfer by Taxi from London to Sherfield On Loddon your driver will pick you up from your London location and drive you directly to any hotel, office or residential address in Sherfield On Loddon at a Fixed Price.

£120-150 Book Now

Prices shown are for a standard car up to 4 people. If you require a minibus or if your area is not shown above, please call / contact us for a quote. Prices will vary depending on where exactly in London you’re coming back from. Call Us to discuss your journey.

(Please note additional surcharges apply for bank holidays. Call or contact us for more details.)

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About London

London is a great place for a night out. Whether it’s dinner and a trip to the theatre, a work function or just simply a weekend away in the city, you can’t beat it. There’s so much to do in London you’d have to Google your options, but have you considered dinner on the London Eye? or how about a trip down the river whilst having a spot of lunch? You have more restaurants than you can shake a stick at and major attractions like London Zoo, Buckingham Palace, the Ice Bar and the list really does just go on and on !

London houses about 9 million people, ut don’t let that put you off in anyway at all. When you’re there, it’s bust for sure, but a good kind of busy if you know what we mean.

Taxi back after a night out in London

These days, if you want a truly happy, hassle free day or weekend away in London then plan a taxi for your return journey as part of your trip. By the end of a busy night or a full-on weekend, people are generally drained and find it a lot less stressful and safer to just jump into a taxi to get them home rather than dragging themselves through the tubes to Waterloo train station and hanging around for an uncomfortable train ride home. Then of course, you have to get back from the station assuming you don’t fall asleep and miss your stop!

Some facts about London (as of January 2022)

  • There are just over 9 million people living in London
  • Big Ben is not the name for the iconic tower you often see in pictures and on TV, it’s a common mistake. Big Ben is actually the name of the clock. Although many people nowadays just refer to it as Big Ben, whilst the clock was called Big Ben, the tower itself used to be called the Clock Tower.
  • The city of London itself only covers about 1.2 square miles and has a population of around 7,500 residents. This means that the city of London is technically the smallest city in England. Greater London, on the other hand, is an English region ad it encompasses surrounding towns covering 606 square miles and having a population of over 9 million residents.
  • London has over 170 museums
  • London buses were not always red. They used to be colour coded for their individual routes. Bet you didn’t kow that one!

Things to do in London

The list of things to do in London is endless. You can shop until you drop, eat until you burst and drink until you can drink no more. You can do all of these things on a budget or you can break the bank. London fits all sizes, all pockets and all desires!

Below are a sample of websites for ideas on things to do whilst in London, but Google it.... there’s simply too much to do it justice here.

Useful links

Things to do in London:

Merlin Events London
The London Dungeons
London Zoo

Where can I be collected from?

Anywhere you like! Whether it’s a hotel, train station or venue. Just let us know what time you need collecting and we’ll be there.

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Key Information:

Location: London

Number of people: 9 million

Congestion Charge: £15

ULEZ Charge: £12.50

London Traffic

We’ll always do our best to get to you at the agreed time and you can call us at any point. However, please take into account that on some occasions London traffic can be unpredictable even for a taxi!

Changing your pick-up point:
If you change your agreed pickup point we will do our best to get to you for he agreed time. However, if your pickup is a substantial distance away from your original pickup that might cause a delay and might lead to extra charges especially if your new pick up point is further into the centre of London.